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Spray Wax Wash Package.....$40 Car    $50 SUV  
Our Signature Spray Wax Wash, Vaccum, Cabin Interior Dusting & light cleaning(dash, a/c vents and cupholder/console area), Window Cleaning(interior and exterior), door jam, trunk jam and gas tank cleaning and Meguiar's Insane Tire Shine.
Liquid Wax Package.....$70 Car    $80 SUV
Our Signature Spray Wax Wash pkg, finished with Shameez Creamy wax applied and polished off with a 1000-stich microfiber towel.
Shameez Wax Package...$125 Car  $150 SUV
Our Signature Spray Wax Wash pkg. We then apply a premium grade paint sealant wax(highest grade) and polish to a high gloss shine.
Full Detail.....$150 Car    $200 SUV
Spray Wax Package finished with a full interior detail...***ask about adding liquid or shameez wax.
Shameez Full Detail.....$350 Car    $450 SUV
This package is a combination of our Premium Full Interior and Premium Wax Package plus a few extras***
Full Interior Detail .....$100 Car    $125 SUV
Extensive Vacuum, Carpet and rug shampooing with Heavy Duty Carpet Brush, leather or cloth seat cleaning and conditioning with Microfiber lifter, door cleaning, headliner and dashboard cleaning, trash disposal and organizing of your vehicles interior cabin.
Premium Full Interior.....$175 Car  $200 SUV
Extensive carpet and mat shampooing with Shameez custom made carpet brush attachment, headliner cleaning and seat and door cleaning with specialty Leather Swipe Sponge or upholstery attachment brush. We then steam and sanitize the complete interior for freshness with our custom Shameez Sanitizer before conditioning leather seats, door trimmings and thoroughly blow drying the interior. Finally, we polish door handles, wood grain, paneling, chrome and other interior surfaces before the final vacuum, interior organizing and last looks.
Shameez only uses 1000-stich microfiber towels for both interior and exterior cleaning...WE DO NOT USE any abrasives that can damage paint, wheels or vehicle interiors.\

We are a 100% eco-friendly car wash.

We do offer other packages, these just happen to be our most popular...... 

Extra Charges for XL or extra Soiled Vehicles... 

Scratch Removal-Please call for info....

Clay Bar and Wax, Please call for info...

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